Create a brand that sticks out, commands attention, and lives its values.

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Market sectors today are over populated with dull, undifferentiated brands that sound, look, and act the same.

Blurred brands don’t compete well, they don’t retain and attract talent, and they don’t endure. The need to build a power brand as a core asset has never been greater; many brands stand for little and lack impact and connection.

Your brand impacts every customer and every function. This makes branding a leadership conversation, not just a marketing one.

Learn real-world skills from real world experts

Busy, full-time managers and executives need effective pathways to master essential skills and concepts. However, most upskilling options are:

M Too simplistic and lack expertise
M Lengthy and expensive
M Theoretical and hard to apply

Introducing… ‘Power Brand Building’ a high-impact 6-week online course


Courses are designed to be immediately actionable. No padding, just proven, practical methods you can apply today.


Go beyond academic theories. Discover what works from experts with a lifetime of experience.


Use the same templates & tools used by the experts, learn to apply them, and compare your results with real-world examples.


Join a cohort of other proactive professionals. Make connections, form working relationships, and develop new career networks.


Courses are accessible from any device. They’re designed to be flexible and fit around your life so you can learn on your terms.

Course Overview


Building Power Brands is a unique 8-week course.  It covers a practical, real-world approach for building your own power brand from how to build your own Power Brand Blueprint to building out your Brand Strategy (on the inside as well as the outside), to making your brand happen.

In completing the course, you will learn:

A Brand New Paradigm

How branding has moved from the marketing department to the leadership team, and what this means for the way you brand your organisation or company.

Branding Mastery

How to master the skills, concepts and techniques to build a Power Brand that makes sense and is believed and loved.

Purpose-driven Branding

How to discover the true purpose of your Power Brand and make it the driving force behind everything you do and say as an organisation.

Branding the Inside

How to build a Power Brand that builds your culture, engages employees, retains and attracts talent, and shifts your performance.

Branding the Outside

How to go to market with a Power Brand-driven positioning, promise and value proposition that’s distinct, unique and compelling.
N Executives and Managers
N HR Professionals
N Marketers
N Sales Professionals
N Business Strategists
N Change & Project Specialists


1 The Brand Guy Approach
  • About the Brand Guy
  • Making Brands Accessible and Actionable
  • Styles of Planning
  • Eight Essential Conversations
2 Branding Starts at the Top
  • Gain support and buy-in from management
  • Understand the importance of aligning brand to what companies say and do
3 Brand Discovery
  • Gather input from internal and external sources
  • Conduct research to support brand development
  • Develop your brand’s ambitions
4 Brand Distillery
  • Explore and refine brand concepts
  • Reduce a brand to its core essence
  • Build a cohesive brand story
5 Brand Strategy
  • Develop a congruent brand strategy (who, where, what, how, why)
  • Craft language that makes your brand stand out from the competition
  • Bring your brand to life with visuals
6 Brand on the Outside
  • Develop customer profiles and personality archetypes
  • Develop your brand promise and identity
  • Articulating a clear value proposition
7 Brand on the Inside
  • Aligning HR, people and culture with your brand
  • Linking company values and behaviours to your brand
  • Develop a clear employee value proposition (EVP) linked to your brand
8 Making your Brand Happen
  • Creating a brand-driven marketing strategy and initiatives
  • Creating a brand-driven culture program and initiatives
  • Measuring and tracking your brand’s performance

LENGTH  8 weeks (flexible)

FORMAT Online only

COST    AUD $1495 

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60 Day money-back guarantee


We’ve diligently developed Changing the Game Academy courses with highly credentialed international leaders, and priced them affordably to ensure that participants get maximum value from a wealth of content.

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Is this program right for you?

You will benefit from this course if you are:

  • Leading or supporting a market facing brand.
  • Leading or supporting a brand-driven culture.
  • Operating in a B2B or B2C business where branding matters.
  • Looking to upskill personally, or take a team on the journey as a cohort.

Meet your expert

Known internationally as ‘The Brand Guy’, Richard Sauerman has been ranked in the Global Gurus Top 30 Branding Professionals since 2014.

After working on brands such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Toyota and Unilever at Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather, DDB, and McCann-Erickson, Richard left advertising to pioneer a more powerful way to brand; Where everything you do and say as a business is driven by and aligned to your brand strategy – your business strategy, your products and services, your culture and values, your customer service and trade relationships, your marketplace positioning as well as [and not just] your marketing communications.

He has advised c-suite companies such as Levis, Microsoft, QBE, CSIRO, Vodafone, Mortgage Choice, Data61, Macquarie Bank, Laborie

Richard is the co-founder of Brandcraft, he has published two books and is a sought-after speaker.


"Richard was direct, raw, and challenged us to think about what our brand truly meant to us and helped us simplify our proposition and elevator pitch. He was engaging and ensured that the whole team felt part of the brand re-positioning process. We are now all singing from the same hymn sheet.."

— iQumulate, Head of Brand & Marketing


"Richard is a genuine and insightful brand engineer who simplifies the hidden complexities of designing and building a modern brand. Richard has many talents but what stands out for me is he gives a shit about helping you make your brand the best brand it can possibly be by giving it the heart and soul it needs to inspire and engage your employees and customers."

— Maturious, CEO


"Richard is a breath of fresh air to work with. He has a sharp business mind, but he also has amazing insight into human behaviour and what makes people tick. This combination makes his strategic work very powerful and on point. I have never worked with someone more inspiring, creative and brilliant."

— Sydney Jewish Museum, Head of Marketing


"A true thought-provoking engagement that ran from top to bottom within the business and engaged all managers and staff. Highly recommend Richard to assist you and your business when thinking Brand and positioning for success."

— True Value Solar, CEO


"Richard is the best brand strategist, creative thinker and thought- provoking motivational professionals that I have experienced, and I have met a few in my time! He is challenging, inspirational and pushes people to think differently. I would not hesitate to recommend him – he is truly brilliant!"

— Allegis Group, Managing Director Global Marketing


"Richard is a peak performer. Driven, fearless and with energy to burn. He finds the beautiful truth and articulates the powerful story inside every organisation. He shines the light on those around him and true to his word wakes up their tigers. His genuine love and passion for what he does is contagious. "

— STW Group, Director of Brand Strategy


"The way Richard works is unique. He is highly collaborative, but not compromising. He is lateral and imaginative in this thinking, yet deeply pragmatic. He is direct, honest but not threatening. At the core of Richard's work is his interest in people, and understanding how people think, feel, and behave. He intuitively gets what motivates and engages people, and he brought this empathy, energy, and enthusiasm to every piece of work he did for us."

— QBE, Group Global Executive Officer, People & Communications


"Richard's personal meld of creativity and integrity will have your whole company jiving to whatever messages you want. He can grab complex business strategy, a roomful of suspicious people, and have them eating out of his hand through reflecting back an organisation's needs in a creative and passionate way. Whether it's insurance, media, not-for-profit or any business, the way Richard helps teams to realise and recognise the people drivers in their business is truly special."

— CSIRO, General Manager Communication

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COURSE Power Brand      Building
START   Oct 24, 2022
LENGTH  8 weeks (flexible)
COST    AUD $695


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