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As organisations face faster cycles of change and disruption, the ability to spot trends, anticipate the future, and act quickly to capture growth opportunities, is proving to be a vital skill for managers and executives throughout the organisation.

However, developing a vision of tomorrow is not innate, and the essential skills and tools used by corporate futurists can be learned and applied to any business or sector.

Designed for busy, full-time professionals, enrol now to build the essential skills that will enable you to spot trends, develop a deeper understanding of the future business, and help define clearer career paths.


LENGTH  6 weeks (flexible)

COST    AUD $1495  Introductory price
DATES     27 June – 8 August, 2022
  • Master the skills and concepts to more clearly see the future, share your vision, and prepare for tomorrow.
  • Learn to create extraordinary value inside your own organisation and level up your career.
  • Participate as an individual or create a tailored cohort for your organisation
  • Learn from Applied Futurist, Tom Cheesewright; globally recognised author, speaker, and consultant.
  • Be part of a global cohort and join a vibrant community of professionals.

What you’ll learn

This course covers the essential skills and concepts for developing business foresight – and importantly, how to effectively communicate and apply these in your organisation.

Understand ‘high frequency change’, and what this means for business.

Discover tools and techniques for developing alternative futures.

Explore the pressures and trends that are reshaping your organisation.

Develop a ‘sixth sense’ for identifying opportunities and threats.

Learn how to persuasively communicate the future to build support for change.

Is this course right for you?

Think like a Futurist is based on the thought leadership and consulting work of Applied Futurist, Tom Cheesewright. Utilising Tom’s knowledge and tools, you too can learn to more clearly see the future, and apply the concepts of futurism to create exceptional value in your organisation, and boost your career.

You will benefit from this course if you are:

  • Leading or supporting strategic planning, sales and marketing, technology or innovation functions.
  • Operating in a business undergoing or expected to face significant change and disruption.
  • Part of a business that is proactively shaping the future or needs to reset its market position.

Why now?

  • ‘Business as usual’ is becoming a thing of the past.
  • Investing in your own future has never been more important.
  • Develop enduring skills that can boost your confidence, your influence, and accelerate your career.

Meet your instructor

Tom Cheesewright is an Applied Futurist, helping people and organisations around the world to see the future more clearly, share their vision, and respond with innovation. His clients include global 500 corporations, government departments, industry bodies, and charities.

Using a unique set of tools that he developed, and now teaches and licenses to others, Tom finds the critical intersections between today’s macro trends and the existing stresses in each client’s organisation and sector.

Tom is a frequent presence in the media, his face, voice, and unusual name recognisable from weekly appearances on TV and radio including BBC Breakfast, Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, 5live, Radio 4, and TalkRadio, and in The Guardian, The Times, and The Evening Standard.

Tom is also the author of ‘Future-Proof Your Business’ (2020), published by Penguin, and ‘High Frequency Change’ (2019), which was published by LID Publishing and has been shortlisted for the Business Book Awards 2020 in the ‘Leadership for the Future’ category.

Tom has been featured on…

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Want to know more?

Think like a Futurist is a concentrated, 6-week online course, for high-performing individuals and teams who want to reach the next level. In this course, you’ll learn the essential concepts and tools used by futurists and forward-thinking leaders to more clearly see the future, and how to successfully apply this to your own company, division or team.

This course is designed for leaders and managers in established organisations of any size in industry, government, or the third sector. From global enterprises or large public bodies, to smaller enterprises and charities. The content is derived from the thought leadership and consulting work of applied futurist Tom Cheesewright, so it is deeply rooted in expert practice.

Each course is delivered to a cohort of between 15-30 participants. Participants can attend as individuals or in small groups from the same organisation. Additionally, we deliver tailored corporate programs to incorporate specific company needs or accommodate large numbers of participants.


Certified completion of Envisioning the Future arms you with the knowledge and confidence to:

  • Develop a clearly articulated point-of-view on the future of your industry and company
  • Leverage the knowledge, tools and concepts developed by applied futurist, Tom Cheesewright
  • Boost the value of your participation in organisational strategy and planning discussions
  • Lead or proactively support the formulation of the company’s long-term strategic outlook
  • Boost your career opportunities with powerful new concepts and credentials

After 6 weeks you will be able to:

Develop a Future-focused Mindset

  • Explain the sense of acceleration felt by so many.
  • Present a business case for investment in foresight.
  • Understand the history and application of futurism in business.
Seeing the Far Horizon
  • Map the future across ‘three horizons’.
  • Use a structured approach to develop future scenarios.
  • Engage colleagues in a conversation about the far future.

The Near Horizon Pressures

  • Use research tools to identify key pressures.
  • Engage colleagues to understand internal challenges.
  • Distill key external pressures from third-party sources.
Identifying Trends
  • Recognise the sources of critical trends to watch.
  • Leverage multiple information streams to identify trends.
  • Reduce complex technology trends to simpler themes.


  • Map incoming trends against existing pressures.
  • Quantify impacts and filter.
  • Focus on the most important moments of change.
Narrative Planning
  • Communicate future scenarios in a compelling fashion.
  • Develop stories as the foundation for strategy.
  • Map stories of change to different audiences.

What is the Think like a Futurist course?

This is the only course of its type available today. A 6-week, 100% online, cohort-based course that brings together the tools and concepts, which Tom has taught and applied among many FTSE 100 and Fortune 1000 companies, to more clearly see the future and plan for tomorrow.

Who is the course for?

Our participants work in large enterprises, small-to-medium enterprises, and rapidly growing early-stage businesses, professional services and government. Individuals that have benefited from Tom’s thought leadership come from organisations such as Unilever, Cisco, Barclays, and more.

Your business context

  • Leading or supporting strategic planning, sales and marketing, technology or innovation functions.
  • Operating in a business undergoing or expected to face significant change and disruption.
  • Part of a business that is proactively shaping the future or needs to reset its market position.

Your personal context

  • You want to proactively manage your career and boost your opportunities.
  • You have a blend of analytical, conceptual, and critical thinking skills.
  • You see ‘change’ as the new normal for organisations and want to leverage new skills in this area.

What should I expect from the course?

This course is designed to be immersive, practical, and results-oriented. The course isn’t about just listening and reading – it’s about doing – and so participants will complete four key exercises, using leading tools and models. Most participants allocate 5-8 hours of quality, productive time, each week to complete materials, activities, and exercises.

Participants are free to choose when to allocate their time during each week, however as the course is cohort-based, modules need to be completed before moving into a subsequent week. The only exception to this is the two recorded Live Streams, that are scheduled at a fixed day/time in advance of Week 1.

How many participants are in a cohort?

To strike a balance, each cohort aims for enough participants to create a collaborative learning environment where participants thrive, but not so many that numbers become unwieldy. Currently, cohorts comprise of 15-30 participants.

What are the key dates and deadlines?

Cohorts commence on a regular basis. Places are limited, so registering your details ensures you are notified when places become available:

  • If you have applied directly to a specific cohort, we will notify you immediately of availability.
  • If you have joined the waitlist, we will notify you when a new cohort opens, or when a place becomes vacant.

The course operates for 6 weeks, and typically starts on a Monday in Week 1. Your welcome materials will be available for you as soon as you enrol, and new modules are released weekly. There is added flexibility at the end of the 6-week period to complete the course fully.

How much does the course cost?

The fees for the course are AUD $1495, alongside an investment of your time. This investment is a fraction of traditional business school fees, because we’ve focused on what matters, cut out the padding and the premises, and of course streamlined the delivery so you can harness the benefits without putting a pause on the rest of your life.

For corporate programs, fees are determined by the level of tailoring to company objectives. Program costs and volume-based discounts are determined by company-specific needs, customisation, and cohort size.

Will I get a certificate?

The course is designed for you to master new skills that will enable you to level up your career. On successful completion of the course you will earn a digital certificate that verifies your participation and recognises your achievement. But remember, most importantly you will also have developed future scenarios for your organisation you can socialise and start applying immediately.

What about refunds or deferrals?

We have a comprehensive refund and deferral policy for all courses before commencement. However, once a scheduled course has commenced, placements are non-refundable. See our Terms of Use for full details.