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How Retailers Can Grow Retail Media Profits.

Understanding market dynamics, and their opportunity set will be key as more retailers shape their approach to retail media.

More for Less: How to Stategically Reduce Costs.

A tailored cost reduction program goes beyond ‘low-hanging fruit’, to drive significant in year savings with a high return on investment.

The DNA of Transformation Success.

Leaders who adopt a five-phase approach to transformation, and deploy best practices at each stage, can dramatically boost success.

Power Branding Transforms Organisations and Engages People.

How to do organisation, company or business branding that stands out, builds trust, engages employees, and attracts and retains customers.

Do You Know What’s Next? It’s Time to Expand Your Horizons

How to explore horizons (near and far), and identify pressures and trends affecting your company and industry is key to planning ahead.


To address talent shortages and sustain a happy and productive workforce, employers need a clear strategy to motivate and engaging everybody.

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A conversation with Tom Cheesewright
Applied Futurist & Best Selling Author

Drawing on his experience working for Global 500 companies, Tom shares what a “futurism” is, and why it’s more important than ever before. 

A conversation with Richard Sauerman
Global Brand Expert

Join ‘The Brand Guy’, Richard Sauerman, as he discusses the role of brands, common mistakes, and how to approach brand building.

A conversation with Warren Billington
CEO, Sypht

With an eye to the future, Warren shares what it means to be an innovator and how Sypht is creating value from hidden information.

A conversation with Paul Smitton
CEO & MD, Asia Miles; Chairman Cathay Holidays; Director, Cathay Pacific

Paul shares the importance of teams building and owning their future and how organisations can become more customer-centric.

A conversation with Romilly Madew AO FTSE
CEO, Infrastructure Australia

Romilly discusses how to overcome low team engagement, lessons learned the hard way, and her recipe for successful transformation.

A conversation with Marcella Larsen
Senior Director, Salesforce

Marcella shares how retail and consumer organisations can better leverage technology and respond to growth opportunities.

People Power: What transformational A-teams look like
Virtual Event, 17 Nov 2021, 12:00pm – 12:45pm

Our expert panel explore the key elements to select, shape, and mobilise a cross-functional A-team that sets up a transformation success.