Changing the Game is the business school reimagined.

We’re building a new world-class academy for executives to access and adopt highly practical and instantly actionable real-world business skills through innovative online premium short courses. It’s business decoded.

Giving business people what they need, when they need it.

We’re flipping the academic focus, protracted timelines, and eye-watering expense of the traditional business school, to instead deliver short courses of between two and six weeks, founded on definitive global leading practice, in an innovative and 100% online model that has the flexibility to fit into people’s lives but the potency to rapidly upskill and build leaders.

The inaugural course.

The Changing the Game Business Transformation mini-MBA.

This world-first 6-week course is derived from the acclaimed best-selling book (WILEY), and features 6 online modules with Live Streams, and a fully connected cohort. Visit to get a detailed view of this live course.

The online course platform built for business

Changing the Game courses are delivered on our highly customised, cloud-based eLearning platform. We’ve integrated cutting-edge tools and services to provide a stable, scalable, and fully-featured online learning environment for a brilliant course participant experience.


Fast, easy, and secure online ordering, and a streamlined enrolment experience with a personalised account portal for each participant.


Leading-edge delivery of lessons, topics, and quizzes, with rich multimedia content capabilities delivered via a best-in-class user interface.


Personalised, mobile-first, responsive pages enable participants to access courses from different devices without losing their progress.


Streaming video hosted and delivered securely to users from Vimeo’s content delivery network for fast, 4K UHD video.


Connected cohort enabled through course features such as participant directories and the use of messaging tools such as Slack to foster a vibrant professional community.


Recognition of participant achievements including personalised certificates on course completion and verified digital credentials such as badges.

Seeking portfolio partners

We’re scaling up and developing a roadmap for the next 12+ months and seeking partners that are looking to monetise their world-class content within a similar model.

Curriculum sweet-spots

We believe that organisations will increasingly need leaders that can plan and execute in transformative ways across many key functions including:

  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Product
  • Finance
  • Digital

In areas such as;

  • Data analytics and visualisation
  • Customer data platforms
  • Digital/cyber security
  • Connected economy
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Supply chain redesign
  • Culture and purpose
  • Customer-centric vision
  • Corporate governance
  • Social responsibility and sustainability
  • Business model reformulation
  • Procurement/outsourcing/offshoring
  • and more….

Partner and course attributes

We’re looking for subject matter experts that are already today delivering top-tier executive education through either coaching or consultancy, or via offline or online courses.

The course design criteria that would map to our vision for the Changing the Game Academy has the following five characteristics:

Large scale addressable international market with broad industry relevance.

Content that is practical and can be readily applied to real-world situations (i.e. includes tools and templates).

Content that is applicable to mid-level and senior executives, and relevant for both teams and individuals.

Content that is of premium quality, delivered in English, and can be readily adapted to course participant circumstances.

Course scope that provides 2-6 weeks of material and is fully deliverable online with modest human intervention.

Partnership model

Our collaborative partnering model involves the co-creation of courses that combine the unique capabilities of our partners and leverage CTG Cos strengths in the following areas:

  • Website and social channels promotion
  • Promotional support (CTG Academy level)
  • Course production and design
  • CTG LMS hosting and integration
  • Enrolment / participant co-ordination
  • Billing, collection, and reconciliation
  • Customer services
  • Cohort research and feedback
  • Endorsements and referrals

To make commercial arrangements simple, we operate partnerships on a revenue share of net sales basis, which is agreed on a course-by-course basis, taking into account expected sales and partner contributions.

Timing and roadmap

We are building out the next 12-18 months.  By the end of that period we target having 5 courses live in the Changing the Game Academy.  We envisage that post contract agreement, a minimum of 10 weeks is required to get launch ready, during which time the Partner will be recruiting participants for courses, and CTG will conduct beta testing.

Let’s change the game of executive education

Increasingly, the access to and the adoption of premium knowledge that establishes skillsets and creates enduring capability is the goal of individuals and organisations alike. The Changing the Game Academy will become a primary international resource to meet these needs. Come on the journey with us.

Select curriculum area(s) of interest

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