Power Branding Transforms Organisations and Engages People.

By Richard Sauerman, The Brand Guy. Changing the Game Academy Expert.
Updated 10 May, 2022 6:14pm AEST

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Organisations don’t make things happen, people do. And when it comes to attracting, keeping, and engaging people at work, money alone won’t do it. People want to be part of something that involves a cause: A larger purpose, beyond making money, that gives them a chance to do work that has an impact on the world.

Your brand is that cause. Your brand is the purpose, vision and values that drives high employee engagement and performance, and the promise that attracts and keeps customers.

The worst thing you can do is to turn your brand’s cause into a rational, predictable set of statements that hang up behind your reception desk and sit in the “About” section on your website. And yet this is what most organisations do. They tick the boxes.

This is why most branding falls short of being powerful: It makes sense, yes, but it’s not believed and felt, and that’s the big trap you want to avoid. You don’t want a brand that just ticks the boxes and makes sense. You want a brand that people are going to believe and feel, that also makes sense and meets your organisational goals and objectives.

I have been branding organisations in this way since I left the advertising industry twenty years ago. Whatever the mission has been, and whatever the size of the organisation or the nature of their business, I have used the same highly effective approach and frameworks to build brands that transform organisations and engage their people.
Power Brand Building is my full, definitive approach and IP to building your own power brand. There is no other course like it today, so strap yourself in.

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The Changing the Game Academy 8-week cohort-based ‘Power Brand‘ course commences in September.

Power Brand Building provides a practical, real-world approach to building your own power brand. Course participants will learn:

  • How to master the skills and concepts to build a power brand.
  • How to discover the brand truth of your organisation.
  • How to create an authentic, differentiated power brand strategy.
  • How your brand strategy drives your culture and engages your people (brand on the inside).
  • How to go to market with a brand-driven positioning and value proposition (brand on the outside).
  • How to make your brand happen.

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    About the Author
    Known as ‘The Brand Guy’, Richard Sauerman is the co-founder of strategy, brand and communications agency called Brandcraft. Richard has been ranked in the Global Gurus Top 30 Branding Professionals since 2015. He has published two books and is a sought-after speaker who delivers keynote talks and runs in-house workshops.